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Exploiting EasyCafe Server <= 2.2.14 Remote File Read

All the information described here should not be used for malicious purposes. The author of the post does not keep responsibility for any illegal action you  do. This posts are written only for education purposes and understanding of vulnerabilities to prevent similar vulnerabilities in the future.If you do not agree  please leave this site 

I decided to do an audit to a software that is used widely among internet cafes here in Albania.
The software is called EasyCafe and the software website  states that is "The best Internet Cafe Management Software". First let me explain how this software works.

The software has a "Star topolgy". It has the server and the clients. From the server we control all the clients. We can upload and execute files, login logout a client etc. and all this things are done without any encryption just plain text data. Apart from the client being totally vulnerable to RCE i found something more interesting. Lets open wireshark and take a look at the transmitted  data when you upload a file to a client.

If we look closely to the data transmitted from the server to the client  we can see clearly that the server is sending an UDP request to client port 804 which contains the path of the file that will be uploaded. After that if the client received it successfully it starts a TCP connection to the server in port 831. Lets look what is being sent.

Anything familiar ?

So the server sends the UDP request to the client which later connects to the server , sends the data of the UDP request that received which is the file location and receives it. But what happens when we connect directly to the server and send a file location. Boom it works.

I have already written an exploit for this vulnerability.

You can find it here :

In the exploit modify the server Ip and the File location and run the exploit.

Badly there is no patch available so consider the risks before running flawed Software.
Got any question feel free to comment.
Thanks, Rio

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